We Connect Kenyans Living in South Africa.

KEDASA Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs that guides KEDASA actions, decisions, and interactions, reflecting its identity and shaping our culture. 

Unity. Empowerment. Progress.

Our Vision

A united, empowered, and thriving Kenyan diaspora in South Africa.

Our Mission

To foster unity among Kenyans in South Africa, empower them through resources and support, and drive collective progress in social, economic, cultural, political, and educational spheres..

Why us.

Our Values


Bridging Kenyans in South Africa, we foster a sense of belonging and collaboration among all members.


Providing tools, resources, and opportunities, we aim to uplift each Kenyan to reach their fullest potential in South Africa.


Upholding honesty, transparency, and accountability in all our endeavors, we ensure KEDASA remains a trusted beacon for the community.


Valuing every member's voice, background, and contribution, we promote mutual respect and inclusivity.

Cultural Pride

Celebrating our Kenyan heritage, we create spaces for cultural expression, understanding, and appreciation in South Africa.


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